New York -The Blue Note * Nina
Greenwich Village Jazz Festival  
The United Nations *  Marriott
Hotel * Chez Beauvais * Northern
Lights * Jason's * Corner Stage  
Preacher's * Cobble Hill Cafe* The
Bushes * Third Avenue Festival
Yellow Brick Road * The Horn of
Plenty * The Quiet Village * The
Mark Goodson Theatre * Plum's
New York University -  Maxine
Sullivan Concert Series * Trinity
Church Noontime Concert Series
Bistro Bordeaux * The Lido Cafe
Small's Paradise *  Calibans
Radio - Jazz Alternatives-WKCR
The Judy Simmons Show - WLIB
Georgia - Music Midtown Festival
with Musique *  New Jersey - Far
& Away * The Brass Rail * The
Cornerstone * The Villa
Honolulu -University of Hawaii
Pennsylvania - Water Wheel Cafe
Virginia - Bienville Grill * Ciola's
Cafe Society  * Pizazz * Sorry
Sarah's * The House of Jazz  
France - (Paris) Église Americaine  
Latitudes Hotel * L'Hippocampus  
Nino Brown's *  (Vincennes) -
Le Gran Echiquier *  (Issy-les-
(Moulineaux) - Les Jardins d'Issy   
Germany - (Berlin) - Schriller
(Ulm) Jazz in Ulm * (Hamburg) -
Dennis' Swing Club * (Frankfurt) -
Gibbs Air Force Base * Italy -
(Sicily) 10 day tour with Orquesta
de Jazz Siciliana di Palermo  
Sponsored by Teatro Massimo*  
Japan (Utsunomiya City) - The
Harimao Club *  Le Bistro
Spain - (Barcelona) -  The USO
Show * Jambouree Club * The
Salvadore Escamilla Show
Sweden (Stockholm) - Making
Music Together International
Concert * Switzerland (Saillon) -
The Blue Note at Hotel Les Bains
de Saillon

Shows * Notes * Quotes
"Cindy Devereaux recaptures a style of jazz singing
that's  nearly forgotten. Like her mentor, the late Maxine
Sullivan, Devereaux can make a light novelty tune swing
high and hard.  It's a skill she polished playing clubs
across Europe and New York."
--Mike McDonald,
The Daily Press  -  Norfolk, Virginia

"Naturalness and unassuming grace"
Cadence Magazine

" An angel  with the most beautiful voice."
--don Miguel Ruiz, Best Selling Author -
The Four Agreements

" turned out to be one of the most enjoyable
evenings of entertainment for this scribe.  You're going to
hear a lot more from this Devereaux lassie."
--Allan MacMillan,
The New York Voice - New York, NY

"New York born, Ms. Devereaux exemplifies all the
dignity, beauty and talent historically attributed to our
ladies in jazz."
--Donnette Magoola,
Harlem Weekly - New York, NY